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Cloud backups allow clients to concentrate on growing their businesses, instead of worrying about the day to day security of their data. Many business owners either do not have proper backup procedures, or do not know the risks of data loss in today's business world. A hard disk failure on an improperly configured fileserver can cost companies time and money, but also the trust of their clients.

Cloud Backups Explained

Backup Features

  • 30 Days data retention
  • Encrypted data transfers
  • No user action required
  • Monitoring of jobs
  • Customized
  • Same day setup

Items Required

  • Minimum 1 megabit upload speed on Internet connection
  • Windows, Linux, Mac servers


Cloud backups are a fairly recent strategy due to the increased internet bandwidth now available for a reasonable cost. The technology involves sending the data encrypted over the internet to OTTColo’s server farm. Monthly fees for this service are based on many variables, the amount of data to be backed up, how long we store the backups, and the number of redundant off-site copies we keep of the most important ‘mission critical’ data such as accounting.

If your business has extremely large amounts of data, then traditional ‘tape based’ backups may be more effective, and OTTColo can consult to help you develop a safe and effective backup strategy to fit your particular needs.

Russ Fellows, Senior Analyst with the Evaluator Group, has put together the following chart to illustrate when cloud backups should be considered as a viable option.


Backup factor

Cloud storage

Traditional ‘tape based’ backup

Amount of data

Best when the total amount to protect is less than 100 GB per 1 Mb of network bandwidth. For example, 100 GB can be supported by a 1 Mb WAN connection (such as DSL)

For large amounts of data, or for environments with limited network connectivity, traditional backup techniques are more appropriate.

Rate of change

Best when the rate of change is less than 10% of the total data per month.

For data that changes frequently, traditional backup methods that use local disk and tape, with tape transport off-site are more appropriate



BestCloudVPS Guarantee

  • 99.99% Uptime
  • 10+ Gbps capacity
  • 24x7x365 On-Call Support
  • Enterprise Class Datacenters
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“OttCOLO utilizes the fasted and most reliable network I've ever hosted with.”

Mike Smith, CEO BestcloudVPS

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